ETH 100

Bagmaking machine specifically designed for producing all different kinds of side, twin/skirt or wide sealing; bottom seal head with flying knife or teeth cut. The machine can work one or multi-lines and many different kind of materials, such as LDPE – LLDPE – HDPE – COEX – BIODEGRADABLE, etc.

Specifically designed for easy-operation and work settings, reliable and high performance.


•Side seal bars with various radius according to the material and thickness.

•Twin/skirt seal bar with sealing width from 2 up to 6 mm.

•Bottom seal bar with sealing width from 2 up to 8 mm.

•Wide sealing from 5 up to 30 mm.

  • Round bottom for chicken bags.
  • Handle hole punching unit with “C” shape, oval shape, euro hole (hot blade, teeth cut or die-cat).
  • Longitudinal sealing (hot air, drum sealing by contact or ultrasonic).
  • Slit/seal for multi lines.
  • Attachments for zipper and slide closure (on request slide insert in automatic).
  • Attachments for Patch handle, glue and sealed.
  • Plastic hanger attachment.
  • Angle sealer for square bottom.
  • Attachment for courrier bags with body pocket, hot-melt lamination, serial number and self adhesive labeler.
  • Attachments for security bags, cash transit and laboratory bags.
  • Attachments for bubble bags.
  • Central driven unwinder for reseleable or permanent adhesive tape.
  • Ventilation holes.

660 – 880 – 1100 – 1300 mm

60 mm ( on requesta 35 mm for model 660)

1000 mm

350 c./min (variable depending on the model)

100 mt/min

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