60 PL




Bagmaking specifically designed for producing all different kind of self-adhesive envelope (Packing List) with full adhesive cover or frame cover.

•Double motorized unwinder for one roll of siliconized paper/LDPE film (already laminated) and a roll of LPDE film.
•Three motorized unwinders : one for siliconized paper and two for LPDE film. This model can be equipped with a  glue head/pump unit to laminate hot-melt or acrilic • (on request it is possible to have both systems together).
•The glue unit can apply full cover of glue or a frame cover (saving over 70% of glue).

•Longitudinal sealing by contact up to 6 lines.
•Attachments for zipper.
•Central driven unwinder for reseleable or permanent adhesive tape.
•Lip folders.

880 mm

330 c./min (variable, depending on model)

100 mt/min

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