All new models of ETH bagmaking machines apply the most modern, high performance, open source Ethercat system, based on 100 Mbaud Ethernet. its technological advantages include high speed and high resolution data transmission through digital cable, a performance unrelated to the quantity of data thus reducing the cycle duration and optimizing production speed, and a perfect and comprehensive remote diagnostics/assistance which gets to the core of the servomotor control. Each machine is equipped with a built in modem/router with PCMCIA LIMTS board to connect the welding machine to the remote diagnostic system even with no broad band internet connection.
New line of the machine ia a start of our growing concern for the environmental which we implement in life through our new energy saving systems. New machines are equipped with low energy consuming microprocessor for CPU and motion control thus saving 80% power dissipation; appropriated condenser instead of braking resistors are used in the switches committed to the follow-up of brushless motors for the material progress. The aim is to store the energy otherwise dissipated into heat in the phase of deceleration.
The stored energy is then returned in the following acceleration phase. This results in practical benefits such as no heating of recovery elements and a lower absorption of electrical energy from the power network.
Below are described some of the development introduced by the new series of machine ETH :



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